Keep Your Spirit Shining...



U.G.L.Y. once again is wishing you all a fantastic evening. It was a chilly, beautiful spring day here in Utah. The warmer weather is getting closer and closer!!

It is oh so important to know which direction you are going and what you want out of life. And it is oh so important to surround yourself with others who are helping you get there and not holding you back. Life is all ours for the taking. We can make Magic.....we can Will anything we want. We can make it Ours......

Keep your light shinning bright! Keep negative away and just don't allow it. Everything is ours....our reaction to every situation is ours. Keep it positive.       A MUST. 



Get a great nights rest for tomorrows next day of greatness! And smile in your sleep. Dream big......

Much Love, 

U.G.L.Y.      Utah Girls Love You

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