Its Thursday! Bring on Sun!!



U.G.L.Y. is wishing you all a glorious Thursday! One more day til the weekend!!

Its a LITTLE chilly this morning here in Utah but hey.....its SPRING!!  Nothing like the crazy weather, but bring on the beautiful flowers and the green grass!

Its a great day to be thankful for all we have and not dwell on what we don't. We can have anything we want in life. We must believe it. Want it. and most importantly WILL it to yourself.  Use your powers . You have them. Staying positive and asking for the things we need..... works. It is in you.      You need it ....... Will it......

It is TRUTH. We do KNOW.   You don't have to tell us here at U.G.L.Y. twice. We believe and we know.  First hand. 

You can do anything. Have anything. Be anything... but....  You must be Grateful and Thankful and all the pieces of this giant puzzle called life will fit and fall into place.

A giant puzzle, and all these pieces, if you think about it....all do fall into place. Look at everything in your life. Where you have been and Where you are going and you will see......everything , EVERYTHING  does  happens for a reason!!

No doubt about it. 

Keep your eye on the prize and keep your world positive!!! See what happens! LOOK FOR THE CHANGE! Ask for it!! Will it!



Have a great day! One more day til the weekend!!!!!! Yeee Hawww! ;)

Much Love ,

U.G.L.Y.     Utah Girls Love You

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