Mental Health Awareness

We hope everyone had a terrific and productive Tuesday!!!

Mental health will affect 1 in 4 Americans and that number is very alarming.

We were given the opportunity to help a young mother whom was struggling with mental health issues, watching this women struggling to gather perspective on the situation was completely heart breaking on so many levels and to witness her children watching her be confused was equally heart breaking.

As, we tried to gain trust with this struggling women to get her help was devasting to see up close n personal, sure did change our feelings for individuals struggling with mental health issues. We were able to help this young mother get the help she needed and get her child to a family member, were he is in a now safe environment. We send our love and prayers to this family.

Utah Girls Love You will take a stronger stance when it comes to mental health and vow to bring awareness to this terrible illness that is growing daily and adding to our homeless population everyday.

We need to give a huge shout out to my neighbors, who were willing to get involved and help with this devastating situation, that ended on a true positive note. Thanks ladies, you gals are the best!!

Mental Health Awareness!!!

Positive = Positive
Make a difference.
Happiness is truth.