Happy Wednesday a.k.a "Hump Day"

guandiquoteservice U.G.L.Y wishes everyone a wonderful and productive Wednesday aka “Hump Day”. Yes! It’s hump day and we have made it half through the week(deep breath). There are only 8 days until Christmas holy cow!!! It is such a blessing to be able to help others and actually make a difference for the good in peoples lives…….Simply Amazing.:) This quote has so much meaning to us and our journey of making a difference and we thought it was a perfect quote for today.

Once again….Thank you  everyone for all the Love and Support! You all Rock beyond words!!!!

We really only have 2 choices. We can choose to be HAPPY…. or choose not to be. Personally……we choose HAPPY. :)  It brings on happiness and life is too short to not be happy!!

Life is unpredictable and there will always be curve balls thrown in to the mix, but it is all in our reaction how to deal with the curve balls. So try to be grateful for what you have, spread the love, make sure to always laugh, and always try be happy… Things will work out as long as you try everyday!!! Keep your eyes open. Their are signs everywhere and in everything, if you want to see them.

Please Let us know if there is anything we can do for you ! Reach us at utahgirlsloveyou@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day!!

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y. Utah Girls Love You