It's Hump Day maybe even Friday!!!!

20141028_110627 U.G.L.Y. wants wish everyone a wonderful and productive Wednesday/ Hump day. We are approaching Thanksgiving, so please be safe in your travels and enjoy spending this time with your family and friends. It's beautiful weather here in our great state of Utah, so get out and get those last minute items for Thanksgiving.  We are suoer excited to go play a little coed football with awesome friends great start to our Thanksgiving 2014. Stay positive today I know you have several things to get done and time is flying by, so try this take a deep breathe, hold your head up high, and smile. It works trust me..

U.G.L.Y. is sticking by our motto Positive=Positive

We are pushing to spread the word and give our message. The message that has saved our lives and given us the strength to continue to grow our own personal goals. Being strong, educated, spiritual, giving individuals. Who are here to make the differences needed to help anyone that will find growth, love, and happiness from our message.

So… time for trying new things, taking chances on yourself, and breaking down the walls in order to be yourself.



No matter what life throws at you. Take it…look at it….think about it…..and realize why it is making you feel the way you do. And know that your reaction is yours. We can react anyway…but keep it positive. Find the best in every situation. You must!!

Live in the Moment!!!   Happily!!!

Have a Beautiful Blessed Day!!!

If we can help please contact us at fb UGLY utah girls love you

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y. Utah Girls Love You