Terrific Tuesday!!!


U.G.L.Y  hopes everyone a terrific and productive Tuesday!! What a great day! The weather has been holding up very well. When, I saw this quote I knew it would be great to help inspire everyone today. I hope that it reaches everyone the way it touched us. Enjoying everyday and being thankful for all you have is key to achieving a positive attitude.

Things can only get better and better as long as you are wanting it to get better. Taking certain steps such as, keep the positive flowing, think positive, and be loving. It's simple steps but being truly positive is actually very difficult task to achieve everyday. It will work. Believe. Have faith that it will.

Keep your eyes open for all the signs around you and let them in. The signs are everywhere. We believe that Everything happens for a reason. Life is like a big puzzle, and suddenly….the pieces start fitting and then it begins to make more sense. It will happen!!!!

Stay strong through all of the challenges life throws your way and think of them as learning blocks. The good. The bad. and the U.G.L.Y…..   ;)    all will work out if you are working on it each and everyday. Keep on smiling no matter what and believe in Positive=Positive

Keep your eyes on U.G.L.Y and help us help all be Happy. Single Mommy Project details coming soon!!!

Have a great day. If we can help contact us at utahgirlsloveyou@gmail.com Facebook UGLY utah girls love you

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.       Utah Girls Love You.