Winners for mini scholarship..

20140826_182935 U.G.L.Y. wants to wish everyone a Fabulous and productive day!!! Are excited to share the winners to U.G.L.Y. Back to school mini scholarship. Although, we had a late start with the program, we were able to help four local Utahns scholars. With the help of friends and other local Utahns the kiddos we were able to go and pick out one fabulous new outfit, new shoes, socks, and back packets for their first day of school.

It was an amazing experience to spend this time with these gracious, sweet, and bright children. The time we were able to spend with these kids, was a great eye opener and appreciation factor for my family. All of our friends and family that volunteered their time from the night before school to come help with helping hands service Thank you from the bottom of my heart and blowing you all a big kiss and hug from me to you all. The children that were the recipients to the Back to school mini scholarship have been so gracious to the entire experience, they have sent us thank yous notes and we will share them throughout this weekend with pictures of the kiddos picking out their outfits, shoes,and back packets.

So, we will have a little video of the shopping night that we will post this weekend and we have to give a Shout out  and thanks to the American Fork Old Navy for accommodating the late night shopping spree.

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Happiness is Truth

We are going to out into the community to give out some wonderful outfits for young Utahns for free stay tune for details coming soon!!

If we can help please and if there's children in need of a little helping hand please contact us @ or message on Facebook @

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y. Utah Girls Love You

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