Happy Monday!!!



U.G.L.Y. wants to wish everyone a productive and glorious Monday!!!

Through this journey of developing U.G.L.Y.  Utah Girls Love You, we have seen our share of negativity. But truly understanding that our reaction is key to changing the negative into a positive.  With U.G.L.Y. starting from the basement floor with a small idea and we still have the passion and drive to stomp our way to make differences here in Utah, it is truly our ULTIMATE goal for U.G.L.Y.

U.G.L.Y. is enjoying sticking to our motto of  “Positive = Positive”.

We are pushing to spread the word and give our message. The message that has saved our lives and also given us the strength to continue to grow with our personal goals. Message: Be strong, educated, spiritual, giving individuals. We are here to make the differences needed to help anyone that is willing to find growth, love, and happiness from our message.

So, time for trying new things, taking chances on yourself, and breaking down the walls in order to be yourself.

Let's get out there everyone and make a difference..


Truth is Happiness

Have a great Monday!!!!

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.  Utah Girls Love You

If we can help contact us @ utahgirlsloveyou@gmail.com

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