No worries...Be Happy!!



U.G.L.Y.  is hoping you all are having a Terrific Tuesday!

Keep your Worries to a minimum today and keep your eyes on all the great things that happen to you daily. Their will always be speed bumps in life......but that is all they are. A bump in the road. Your Road. Your Life. That we must make our own by not dwelling on negative. Not dwelling on the past, and doing our best not to live in it. It is the past and we cannot change it. We can only make our futures better by learning from the past and knowing all things do happen for a reason. IF we open up and SEE. 

Have whatever you want in life. It's all yours for the taking!  Just remember.... If someone else can... SO CAN YOU!!!

FInd your dreams by opening up to Positive.



Have a terrific day !!

Much Love, 

U.G.L.Y.     Utah Girls Love You

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