Amazing Day...So Thankful and Grateful...Always...

U.G.L.Y has had an Amazing day. We hope you all have had an amazing one too! It is such a blessing to be able to help others and actually make a difference for the good in peoples lives.......Simply Amazing.:) Once again....Thank you  everyone for all the Love and Support! You all Rock beyond words!!!!

When we SEE the bigger picture. Accept it, and let life in in a POSITIVE WAY.....It just keeps on coming. We know...Its Truth.  Do your best at all your do,  whistle while you work and laugh! Laugh as much as you can. Its soooo good for the soul!! AND VERY CONTAGIOUS!! :) 

We really only have 2 choices. We can choose to be HAPPY.... or choose not to be. Personally......we choose HAPPY. :)  It brings more Happy! and Life is too Short to not be Happy!!  

Life is Life and their will always be curve balls coming from somewhere. But as long as we take it for what it is. Be grateful for what we have. And spread Love, Laugh and Happy...Things will work out. Keep your eyes open. Their are signs everywhere and in everything.  IF you want to see them. :)  Ohhhh boy!! They really are everywhere!

Try it for one day. SEE and HEAR everything around you. Pay attention. Open up your soul,  suck it all in, and embrace it with positive vibes because.....Everything does happen for a reason. It may not make sense at that moment. But it will eventually. Pay attention to everything. It's kinda crazy!! And very cool!! 

We are so EXCITED for tomorrow and everyday to come! We have lots of big things on the horizon And we can not wait to share our love and try to inspire and help others see things in a way that it makes sense to you. Everybody's perception of reality is different..But we all know in our souls what's up. It's there. Open up and Let it in!! Lets have a GOOD life!!

 Please Let us know if there is anything we can do for you ! Email us.

Have a great night!!

Much Love, 

U.G.L.Y.                   Utah Girls Love You !!!