Believe in Good...


U.G.L.Y is hoping every person had a memorable Memorial day and that we all take time to humble ourselves and be ever so grateful for everyone and everything. Life is just too short to not be appreciative for the things we have, the gifts we have been given, and for the love we receive from those most important to us. Be thankful. Be grateful. Be happy.

We are all thinking about those we don't have anymore in some way on memorial day. It may be so hard but we must look at what that person has done for us in our lives and the way your life went because that person was in it. Be thankful for the time you had. Appreciate it. And if you feel there were things left unsaid. Believe and know... they know as well.

It makes us stop and look at the world around us. We must be grateful for every moment we have with the people we love. And appreciate what they bring into our lives. Because in a blink of an eye that can be gone. But it does happen for a reason. It's just another piece of the puzzle.

Love. Always love. We are made to love as human beings. As any being. It makes the world go round. But in order for us to love with the greatest feelings. We must first love ourselves. Love who you are. And if you don't. Change the reason that is. Change the cycles. Its all your world. It Truly Truly is. Want it Happy and Good. Make it that way. Believe.

Positive = Positive

Happiness is Truth

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.     Utah Girls Love You