U.G.L.Y. is hoping you all had as great of a monday as possible. Monday Monday!!.Its Over!!

Instinct is a feeling that we just haven't quite figured out for the most part. Because its a feeling and hard to explain. So we ignore it. When really you should be listening very careful to it.  Our guts tell us what is Right and Wrong. Good or Bad. We CAN feel it if we TRY.

Sometimes we may have this feeling to go the other way from we are going, but we are on a path that we have thought about and have a destination in mind. When and if we get that feeling maybe we should make a left where we are thinking we should. Sometimes a whole new world and new things open up. Things happen for a reason. Open up and see. And if you geniunely feel something is not right and not going to be a good thing. You probably are right. Trust your gut. It may be a feeling of overwhelming excitement and that just means something great is about to happen if you let it.

May your evening be filled with peace and a wonderful rest for tomorrows new adventures. Dream Happy. Always.

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.     Utah Girls Love You