U.G.L.Y. hopes everyone had a wonderful day. Another day gone....and a chance for a new beginning tomorrow. 

Everyday things happen to us . Good and Bad. It all is a test it seems at times and it is. And its a way to prepare us for ALL of the other wonderful, scary, crazy things that will happen to us during this thing we call life. Its a great thing. We must be thankful for what we have and look at everything as a lesson. Have your Lesson Learned that you have everyday and be thankful for them. ;)

Believe in good and the things you really want in life and you can have them. Ask for them. Say positive things out loud and avoid the negative as much as possible. Because we are putting it out there. Everything we say and do. So be happy! Love and Laugh!

Have a great Sleep. Good, Big things tomorrow. 

Much Love,

U.G.L.Y.    Utah Girls Love You!!!